The Foundation

Join our community of promoters to support the Foundation's cultural activities, our workshops, concerts, and arts residencies.

El Boga is a tribute to the tradition and the crafts of the Momposino people. Our aim is to develop meaningful cultural, academic and artistic activities, that promote dialogue and add value to the local community and visitors alike.

We design and execute programs and encounters that respond to the region's needs and strengths, seeking to transfer knowledge and growth among participants.


We also receive guests who come to discover the world-heritage town of Mompox, and who seek to create valuable exchanges with the local communities, experiential travel we call it. The revenue from accommodation supports the non-profit activities of the foundation. 

We propose different types of arts residencies.  The duration varies between one and three months. The selection of artists is based on the quality of their work, their creative production and their project proposal with the local community.

We want to put our "know-how" and experience at the service of those who seek to develop artistic projects for the benefit of visitors and locals alike. This support can take the form of partnership management, project design and production, and implementation of community programs.


The promoters

The promoters behind the Casa Taller El Boga, two sisters, and their husbands launched the project in December 2018. Since then we have been busy: adapting the facilities; setting up our foundation; interviewing cultural managers and representatives of related institutions, craftsmen and masters of the trades in the region; developing our first workshops and arts residencies.

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Constanza Escobar de Nogales

Anthropologist, political scientist, cultural manager

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Ximena Escobar

de Nogales

Economist, consultant in social impact

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Juan Garcia Wernher


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Francis Cheneval

Philosopher, professor of philosophy, University of Zurich, Switzerland  

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