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Adriana Berrío

//Second semester 2022 (Exact date to be defined)

Adriana Berrío, visual artist from the Universidad de los Andes, (2000).

I have worked in education, engraving, jewellery, drawing, embroidery and hairdressing. I am attracted to and interested in fibres, threads, lines and hair. My work has usually been made for mystical-magical purposes, in the form of amulets, protective scapulars, words to remember, strengthen or attract, and votive offerings, as I am interested in the symbolism and connotations that this type of creation contains.

In recent years, I have been producing some publications such as the book "Diseño de Interiores" (Interior Design) together with the poet Fátima Vélez, a calendar drawn by women artists, Las Chicas del Calendario, which we have been producing for the last 11 years together with several artists from Colombia, Argentina and Spain. I have also worked in-depth on embroidery, in very elaborate commissioned pieces of body organs. And from the point of view of textiles, I have made some interventions on floors, creating painted carpets inspired by grandmothers' folders.

Currently, I am actively cutting hair, under the name of La mata de pelo, where I work on the awareness and acceptance of hair, products and plant potions and guidance on the management of one's own hair, beyond the artifices and aesthetic pretensions, and outside the context of the hairdressing salon.

El Boga Residence

Starting from the relationship between thread, text and textile, I would like to create several embroidered, sewn and drawn pieces that express the relationship between domestic micro universes, with architecture and the identity that intimate spaces reflect as testimonies of territory and culture, for example: the façade of a house, a food custom, a recipe, a habit, decoration, a plant, a memory, a name, a date, etc..., stories and data that are threaded between the houses and their inhabitants. Thus establishing living dialogues that allow me to weave these narratives with the people I will get to know through the time of residence and their homes.

I will also work with fabrics and threads that I find directly in Mompox so that, from the materials, this direct relationship with the place is established and that they give account of a record in the form of travel notes, of an external observer in immediate communication with the narrator/receiver.Adriana Berrío, artista plástica de la universidad de los Andes, (2000).

He trabajado desde la educación, el grabado, la joyería, el dibujo, el bordado y la peluquería. Me atraen e interesan las fibras, los hilos, las líneas, los pelos. Mi trabajo ha sido normalmente realizado con fines místico-mágicos, a manera de amuletos, escapularios protectores, palabras para recordar, fortalecer o atraer, y exvotos, pues me interesa la simbología y las connotaciones que este tipo de creaciones contiene.

En los últimos años, he venido realizando algunas publicaciones como el libro Diseño de Interiores" conjuntamente con la poeta Fátima Vélez, un calendario dibujado, Las Chicas del Calendario, por mujeres artistas que realizamos desde hace 11 años junto a varias artistas de Colombia, Argentina y España. He trabajado también a profundidad el bordado, en piezas comisionadas, muy elaboradas, de órganos del cuerpo. Y desde el referente de los tejidos, he realizado algunas intervenciones sobre pisos, creando tapetes pintados inspirados en las carpetas de las abuelas.

En este momento estoy activamente cortando el pelo, bajo el nombre de La mata de Pelo, donde trabajo la consciencia y la aceptación del pelo, productos y pócimas de plantas y la guía sobre el manejo del propio pelo, más allá de los artificios y pretensiones estéticas, y fuera del contexto de la peluquería.




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