Alejandra Briceño (Lamaga)

/// Musician

/// May-June 2021

Since she was a child, Alejandra studied singing, keyboard and guitar. At the University of Cundinamarca she studied music, and at the Gentile Mountain School she studied classical guitar. Alejandra also studied popular singing and traditional Colombian music. Alejandra composes and has participated in various festivals, including the Mompox jazz festival (2017).

El Boga Residency

Her residency project is entitled Recognition of the historical and rhythmic-vocal elements that identify traditional Colombian genres: Bullerengue, Pajarillo, Currulao, Bambuco and their fusion today'.

Alejandra will conduct music workshops analyzing the historical elements that identify the traditional genres, exploring the different rhythmic-vocal characteristics of the exposed genres through exercises and activities. She will provide content for composition and fusion in current music.

Contact Instagram: @laamagaa