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Angélica Rojas

// August 2022 & January 2023

Angélica Rojas (1997) is a visual artist from the Universidad Nacional de Colombia. Throughout her career she has been interested in the concept of memory and the plastic possibilities that exist to create archive machines. Her strategy is based on seeing each project as a possibility of creating actions of trace and configuring an inquisitive game around this. She has an affection for the weathered, for that which holds a story.

In her artistic career, Angélica has participated in several exhibitions in spaces such as the Tintal library, Estudio 74, Manzana K gallery, Espacio Sala de Belleza and lately she participated in the Feria del millón 2021 with her photographic project La huella de las cosas. She is currently enrolled in a Master's degree in visual and plastic arts at the Universidad Nacional de Colombia.

El Boga Residence

I'm not from there, nor am I from there: I'm from here.

The project she will carry out in the residency is based on the identity and memory of a community through objects. Why do we collect what we collect? What makes objects an indispensable part of the construction of memory? Angélica's project builds memorable images and stories that will be born out of conversations and interactions with the community of Mompox. The objective is to shape a collective memory of Mompox through traditional and symbolic objects that narrate and build links with the past and the genealogy of the community. Living dialogues will be established, weaving these narratives, allowing us to know more and more about the identity of Mompox. As a result, children's workshops will be held to create images and a photo-book will be created.



Instagram: @angelicarojasbe




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