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Ángela Sosa & Sebastián Cadavid

//Historian & cultural manager

//Artist, graphic designer

May-june 2023

Ángela Sosa is a historian and cultural manager. She has focused on researching cultural heritage and creating pedagogical tools for its recognition. La Libretería Ediciones has allowed her to merge two of her interests - literature and drawing - with her work as a researcher.

Sebastián Cadavid is a illustrator by trade and a graphic designer. His work seeks different ways of encountering the line, of discovering other ways of approaching drawing. His sketchbooks function as a diary, which has allowed him to create his own chronology of everyday events and places, as well as to carry out a constant exercise of his work.

El Boga Residence

The Santa Cruz de Mompox Travel Diary will be an exercise in observation, conversation, writing and drawing. The sensitive experience, understood as that which is mediated by the senses (shapes and sounds, tastes and smells, textures and surfaces) will serve as a guide to enter this riverside city beyond the tourist's gaze. This diary will be published at a later date, but during the stay in Mompox, community participation in the editorial process will be encouraged with the production of a fanzine in several sessions.





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