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Gaëlle Pelachaud


//February 2024

Gaëlle Pelachaud is a French artist. She paints, draws, and makes artist books. Her work is centered on nature. She has participated in artist residencies in Ireland, Iceland, Peru, Tanzania, Indonesia, India, Portugal, Sweden, Japan, Costa Rica, Mexico, among others. Each of these residencies gave way to the creation of drawings, paintings birds, cranes, peacocks, flamingos, herons, storks, red aras, pinks spoonbills, eagles. She’s making an artist book with some of her drawings.

She graduated from Arts School in 1981 (École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Appliqués et des Métiers d'Arts d’Olivier de Serres, Paris) pursued a diploma in decorative arts (1986, École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs, Paris (Estampe) and obtained a PhD in 2009 (Art et science de l'art «Le mouvement des images dans les livres d'animation» Panthéon- Sorbonne, Paris I). Her work is in publics collections around the world (National Library of France, Grolier Club, New York, Library Centre Georges Pompidou, Museum Hospitals of Paris, University Library Lausanne, Switzerland, Sheraton Hotel, Hong-Kong and Hong-Kong among other locations).

She has held exhibitions around the world, University Library Rudger’s New Jersey, USA, Nev Gallery, Ankara, Turkey, Houghton Gallery, New-York, Paris, France, Tenjinyamafun, Sapporo, Japon, Bareneedstudio, Terre Neuve, Canada, Galerie Kulttuurikauppila Finlande. And will hold one in Cairns Botanic Gardens, Australia this year.

El Boga Residency

Passionate about birds, during her residency, she wishes to research on the various birds in the area. She’s extremely motivated by this project and the idea of birdwatching and movement. She looks forward to sharing her art with the community.




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