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José Daniel Quintero

//March-April 2023

//Artist/Educator/Cultural Manager

Grant holder Casa Taller El Boga 2023

José Daniel, El Barow, has a degree in education with an emphasis on visual arts from the University of Antioquia (Medellín, Colombia), and a master's degree in cultural management and creative industries from the University of Alcalá (Spain). He has participated in collective art exhibitions, a solo painting exhibition, an international graffiti and mural festival. He has several public murals in Medellín, and has given talks on urban art at the Banco de la República de Colombia, among others.

Art Residencies El Boga

Under the title Vida al muro, El Barow seeks to work with the community to create mural pieces in Mompox and give workshops promoting the concept of urban art as an artistic expression that enriches cultural development.



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