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La Ñapa

///María Roda /// Juliana Rosas ///Nathalie Libos

///June -July 2021

The Colectivo La Ñapa was formed in 2019 with the interest of investigating the dynamics of market squares from an artistic point of view. In 2019, they received a grant from the Sala de Proyectos de la Universidad de los Andes, with which they developed the exhibition La Plaza de la Discordia in February 2020. Before becoming a collective, its members worked as co-curators on the exhibition El muestreo: Cañonazos de la Piratería at the Centro Colombo Americano, Centro Colombo Americano, at the end of 2017.


Residency El Boga

La Ñapa seeks to understand the dynamics and narratives of Mompox, thinking of the market square as a site of convergence of stories and knowledge. The residents will inquire about the changes in the market square and how they affect the gastronomic tradition of Mompox. Identifying different aspects of the market square in order to propose a series of artistic workshops. All this focused on the creation and intervention of a recipe book that compiles routes, impressions and memories of their stay in the area. As a collective they approach the residency from different artistic methodologies that focus on group creation and collaborative work, expanding their interests in the market square and gastronomic culture in the creation of a publication.


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