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Laura Fletcher Briñez

// Artist-Illustrator & Graphic Designer

// July – August 2021

Laura Fletcher Briñez is an artist, illustrator and graphic designer from Cali, Colombia. She received a scholarship from the University of Lleida, Catalonia-Spain, to enrol in a Masters in Appraisal, Evaluation and Analysis of Works of Art, which provided her with knowledge in museographic techniques, cataloguing and appraisal of works of art, management and dissemination of Cultural Heritage. Throughout her career, she has focused on the artistic, social, environmental and cultural fields. She has worked in entities such as: The Sorigué Museum of Modern Art (Lleida - Catalonia, Spain), La Casa del Libro Total, Sic editorial, El Libro total, El Periódico Vanguardia Liberal (Bucaramanga), La Comisión Interfranciscana and the Mayor's Office of Bogotá. In her artistic projection, she has been involved in other fields such as ceramics and handmade jewellery. Her work is inspired by the biodiversity, multiculturalism and intangible cultural heritage of Colombia. Her work is characterised by deep symbolic meaning and identity.


El Boga Residence

Laura's proposal, Saberes Ancestrales Momposinos, is aimed at disseminating and promoting the intangible cultural heritage of Santa Cruz de Mompox. In the first instance, it will be oriented towards the art of Mompoxian filigree jewellery. Through the study and interaction with the artisans, Laura proposes the creation of a designed and illustrated leaflet (printed and digital), as a means of dissemination and promotion, which will capture the essence of this ancestral art and will contribute to enriching cultural-educational tourism. In addition, there will be an exhibition with the illustrations used, as a space for meeting with the community, launching and dissemination of the folding.



Instagram: @laurafletcherb


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