Marcela Bellini Cure

/// Guest Artist

/// Photographer

/// April-May 2021


Marcela Bellini was born in Cali and has been taking photographs since she was a teenager. When she arrived at the Universidad de los Andes in 1993 she decided to study philosophy. She felt that the images she photographed should have a deeper connection between aesthetics and content. She went on to do a master's degree in literature in search of a poetic narrative for her artwork. Later, she specialized in journalism where her vision of reality became sharper. Her first exhibition was in 2013. Her artwork 'Nadie Fotografía' explores the feeling of absence through images.

Guest Artist El Boga

During her stay, Marcela will seek to explore- and hopefully create- with local artists souvenirs of Mompox that tourists could purchase as a memory of their visit to the town.