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Marcela Rodríguez Gutiérrez

Dance student/researcher/dancer

Resident extra-mural

December 2023-January 2024

Marcela is studying a BA in Dance at the University of Antioquia. She is an experienced teacher of ballet, creative dance and contemporary dance with young people and children. She is developing an interdisciplinary project of dance, music and poetry called Anfibia Danza, an investigation that follows in the footsteps of the movement of her momposino roots. This work is channelled through traditional Colombian dance and the creation of didactics for the encounter of an amphibious movement. Her staging "Fandagua" is the result of the encounter of the movement observed in her ancestors and relatives from the riverside with inputs from her improvisational creations. In their search, questions arise about amphibious narratives, their poetic and physical bodies that dance feeling the Magdalena River, the floodplain, the conversation with the animal world and legendary stories.

El Boga Residency

During her extramural residency, Marcela will develop her research and documentary recording of the traditional dance of the Momposina depression, Tras las huellas del movimiento amfibio (In the footsteps of the amphibious movement). Her purpose is to carry out fieldwork and create a laboratory of dance experiences with some of the traditional groups of the region, where the contemporary and the traditional are the meeting point to build amphibian dance narratives.

In addition, Marcela will give creative dance classes to children.




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