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Margarita María Echavarría 

//Lecturer/ Researcher/ Designer/ Ceramist

//January -February 2024

Margarita was born in Bogotá, Colombia (1978). She is a designer from the Universidad de Los Andes (2003) and holds a Masters in Design from the University of New South Wales in Australia (2010), where she was awarded a scholarship for academic excellence. Margarita is a lecturer in the Faculty of Architecture and Design at the Universidad de Los Andes. In addition to her teaching and creative practice, she has collaborated in research on material innovation and on empathy as a fundamental part of the design process. Her primary interest is in human wellbeing. She is interested in understanding the relationship between the human activity of handcrafts and emotional wellbeing. Her current research focuses on the relationship between the practice of ceramics and practices of consciousness exploration such as meditation, mindfulness and connection with the body, among others.

El Boga Residence

Margarita's project focuses on using local clay as an artistic medium, exploring the connection with the territory through the earth and its subsoil. In her project she will work with raw clays and earth, which are not fired in the kiln, to create ephemeral artefacts destined to be exhibited for a short period of time. These sculptures adapt to the environment and allow for interaction with the community during their construction. The very act of working with clay is a practice of exploring consciousness.





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