José Alejandro Bermudez & Siu Vasquez

José Alejandro is an architect and painter. He makes assemblages in bronze and oxides on iron sheets, oil on canvas and watercolours. His work has been exhibited at the Galería Belarca, the Centro Colombo Americano, the Museum of Modern Art of Bogotá and the Galería El Museo.

Siu Vasquez is a visual artist. Her work focuses on a practical research on painting about landscape and territory. Among her most outstanding exhibitions are: Fantastic Voyage - Promenade Gallery (Albania), Destrucción pictórica - Galería Valenzuela Klenner (Bogota), Cmd Project - MAXXI Museo Nacional de las artes del siglo XXI (Italy), 4to Festival de la Tigra (Piedecuesta, Col).

El Boga Residency

The residency project emerges from the encounter between Siu and Jose Alejandro around painting. It seeks to inhabit the workshop space, with watercolour practices and experimentation with the pictorial support on a vertical weaving loom. It seeks to share the practice of painting in Mompox and relate it to traditional crafts of the territory.

Contact & Links

Instagram: siuvasquez