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Describe (i) your residency project, the general objective, and goals, (ii) your proposal for the  community work. (iii) indicate the expected results or products of your residency, (iv) describe any alliances you have with associations, guilds, cultural or academic entities relevant to the project (v) Mention two references of people with experience in your artistic area who know your work, please indicate their email or phone numbers, we may contact them. (Max. 6000 characters).

I confirm that, if selected to participate in the El Boga Arts Residences program, I will cover my participation cost (COP 1,500,000 per month for nationals and Euro 460 per month for foreigners). This amount covers accommodation and use of the spaces in the house.

I have health and accident insurance.

I am applying for a Scholarship (reserved for Colombian nationals) - Period 2024 - First semester 

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