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Our Mission 

To develop cultural, academic and artistic activities that foster dialogue and add value to the local community and visitors. We promote cultural exchange, environmental sustainability, and the protection of Mompox's tangible and intangible heritage. We host artistic residents, exchanges, and workshops and guests interested in sustaining El Boga's mission.

The Team

Casa Taller El Boga is driven by the energy and dedication of a hard-working team. In this gallery you will find some of the people who are dedicated to making your time at El Boga unforgettable. They cover a variety of tasks including cooking, service, maintenance of the pool, the garden, relations with the local community and the definition and execution of a strategy to make the foundation sustainable. 

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Constance Escobar of Nogales

Anthropologist, political scientist, cultural manager

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Ximena Escobar

from Nogales

Economist, consultant in social impact

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Juan Garcia Wernher


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Francis Cheneval

Philosopher, professor of philosophy, University of Zurich, Switzerland  

Reporte 2022

Bogando - 2022 Report

In 2022, we had 12 artistic residents, we developed more than 60 free cultural activities for the community of Mompox and neighbouring municipalities, and we organised workshops with local, national and international artists and leaders. And we collaborated with the 46th National Artists’ Salon (46SNA). Read here our report. 

Reorte 2021

It's taking shape

Every human enterprise starts with a purpose and many uncertainties. When we created the Casa Taller El Boga foundation in July 2019, we were encouraged by Mompox, its people, its culture, its cuisine, its trades, its fauna, its landscapes. We knew that we wanted to contribute to publicizing and preserving this unique heritage. In this report we capture, in text and photographs (taken by resident photographers Cristian Torres and Mirjam Wirz, among others), the path traveled.

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