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Catalina Navas

//January 2023

//Writer and Educator

Photo: Camilo Rozo

Catalina has published Camino de hielo (2019), Las mujeres de la Independencia (2019), Correr la tierra (2020) and El movimiento en la crisálida (2022). Winner of the science fiction short story contest 2019 Colciencias and of the XI short novel contest Fondo de cultura económica, Colombia. 2018.

She works as a teacher of creative writing and librarian in the District Network of Public Libraries of Bogotá.

El Boga Residency

Catalina will work on her new project, El Atlas de las palabras y las cosas, a book of poetic adventures for children centred on the figure of Jennie Figueroa Lorza, explorer, linguist and writer. And she will lead writing and collage workshops for adults and children on personal archives.



Twitter: @navascatalina_

Instagram: navascatalina_


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