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Milena Denis


//March 2024

Photo: Adeline Rapon

Milena Denis Polania is a French-Colombian designer. She grew up in Spain and France, where she graduated in design, graphics and interior architecture in 2017 with honours. Her master's project in design was exhibited during the Salone del Mobile in Milan 2017 and Design Week in Paris 2018. She has been working in Paris for four years as a product and furniture designer. She was part of the Bruno Moinard Editions studio in Paris between 2019 and 2023. In parallel, she developed her first collection as an independent designer, moulded leather furniture, edited by Galerie Kolkhoze in Paris and made by artisans from the Parisian region.

El Boga Residence

Milena's residency at El Boga is the start of a new stage in her creative process, affirming her interest in a design rooted in "savoir-faire", that is to say, in the knowledge related to the craftsman's hand, against the notion of fashion and ephemeral trends. This work will focus on the encounter with the craftspeople of Mompox, their techniques and know-how, their materials and tools, in order to exchange ideas and arrive at a production of hybrid prototypes that are both contemporary and artisanal.

Each stage will be accompanied by drawings, photographs and descriptive texts to document this process and its outcome. The aim will also be to observe how domestic objects are produced and what they convey about the ways of life and culture of a household. A drawing workshop on this theme will invite the community to reflect on and value these everyday objects. The residency will be rounded off by a presentation of the whole of what has been produced.




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