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Interdesign Workshop

We successfully completed our co-designer workshop. Read our coverage (in Spanish) here

November 22-26 2022 , in person, Mompox, Bolívar, Colombia

Click here to see the collection's catalog Interdiseño Mompox22

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Limited spaces (8)

Casa Taller El Boga and Ximena Rozo Design, with the support of the Colombian Ministry of Culture, held an on site co-creation workshop in Mompox from 22-26 November 2022 (with several online sessions in October-November).

Colombian artisans in carpentry, forging, weaving and pottery worked with three designers with extensive international experience. This meeting of creatives and artisans resulted in a collection of utilitarian objects representative of the cultural richness of our territory with a contemporary projection and reach to national and international markets with the intention to expand economic opportunities to artisan communities.


  • Visits to the artisans' workshops and exchange of knowledge

  • Design conceptualization*

  • Prototype Generation*

  • Ideation workshop*

  • Prototype Development*

  • Collection launch & Design exhibition in Mompox

*The items marked with an asterisk took place before the in site encounter.

About the designers

Ximena Rozo / Colombia / USA

Ximena is a textile designer from Universidad de Los Andes with a Masters in Industrial Design from Pratt Institute, NY, certified in Design Thinking from Georgia Tech and MIT. Her design experience expands from aeronautical, digital and handmade design. Ximena holds 15 patents in aerospace design in the USA for her work on the Boeing 787. Ximena also has 25 years of experience working with the craft sector.

Her international design studio, Ximena Rozo Design, highlights the value of tradition, wisdom and technical skill of the ancestral craft, which, in combination with contemporary design, allows handmade objects to enter national and international markets and, in this way, opens up an opportunity for economic development for Colombian artisans.

Natalia Porter / Mexico / USA

Natalia Porter is an industrial designer from UAM-X in Mexico, with a master's degree in Industrial Design from Pratt Institute, and a master's degree in Visual Arts from CUNY, NY. She has 12 years of experience designing products for the home, which are industrially produced for a mass market in the United States. She also creates handmade objects, specializing in art, jewellery and ceramics. She teaches industrial design at San Francisco State University.

Natalia's work has been featured in major international media (television and print) and has been reviewed by The New York Times on multiple occasions.

Her work has been exhibited and sold internationally, including the design shops of the Museum of Modern Art in New York and Japan, the Glasgow School of Art, the Queens Museum of Art, the Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts, the Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Oaxaca and the Museo Dolores Olmedo in Mexico.

Petra Lilja / Sweden (Virtual)

Petra Lilja is a Swedish Industrial Designer, Curator and Design Educator, with an MFA in Industrial Design from Pratt Institute, NY. Through her work, Lilja explores creative ways to address her deep concern for the environment. She has worked as a design teacher as well as director of the Design + Change programme at Linnaeus University in Sweden.

Cost of participation

Colombians: COP 1,800,000 in private room

Foreigners: USA 600 in private room

Included all co-creation sessions, breakfasts and lunch (2 meals per day), accommodation in private room (arriving on the 21st, departing on the 27th of November 2022).

Two previous virtual sessions of maximum two hours each.

Transportation to Mompox is not included.

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