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Sonia Estela Guerra


March-April 2024

Sonia Estela, from a Spanish mother and Colombian father, grew up in Barcelona. Despite her passion for drawing, she developed her professional career in the Administration and Tourism sector, until 2017 when she decided to make a radical change and dedicate herself to what she loved the most. She trained in Art Therapy and Illustration at the Escola de la Dona in Barcelona. She is particularly interested in the collage technique: using different materials, colours and textures to generate wallpapers that suggest environments and characters. Collage connects us with play and there is no fear of getting it wrong. Cutting out the papers directly without having previously drawn, makes us accept the drawing that we don't know exists. There are no mistakes, there are discoveries.

Together with her classmates, she is part of the Rosa Sardina Collective, with whom she experiments with this technique. They have published the children's picture books "Lota, la cachalota" ( Ed Takatuka, 2019 ), "ON-OFF" ( Ed Takatuka, 2022) and "Superheroïnes de l'esport" ( Ara Llibres, 2023 ). When she is not doing collage workshops for children with her colleagues, she likes to draw fanzines that explain anecdotes from her travels or portray everyday scenes with humour.

El Boga Residence

Sonia Estela is interested in finding out which are the children's stories of reference for children in Colombia. During her residency, she will meet with the community to learn about stories from Momposinos, stories from the oral tradition or popular children's songs, with the aim of illustrating one of them. To carry out this project, she will conduct collage workshops with the children of Mompox that will help her to learn more about her Colombian cultural heritage.






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