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Stefanía Ramírez & Adela Ortega 

//February-March 2024

//El Boga 2024-I Grant recipients

Stefanía Ramírez Gutiérrez 

//Social Communicator and cultural mediator  

Stefanía worked for two years at MAMM (Museo de Arte Moderno de Medellín) as a content creator. She lived five years in East Africa where she started her career as a self-taught artist, always focusing her research on learning from cultural diversity; commonalities and points of inflection. She currently works with collage and written narratives. Her interest lies in producing collages and stories that document the of people who identify as women and how this intimacy contributes to preserving traditions and historical memory. Her first exhibition, White Paper, took place in March 2023 at Xenson Art Space (Kampala, Uganda). She has collaborated with Borderlands Art, 32 Degrees East and More of Us (Uganda). She is interested in exploring recyclable paper and is learning about vegetable paper fibres.

Adela Ortega

//Cultural mediator, reading promoter and collagist

Political scientist, specialist in peace journalism, Masters in educational communication

Storytelling is the main theme of Adela's work. She is motivated by documenting minimal stories of anonymous people, who constantly make intangible contributions to culture; thus she investigates the different ways of exercising cultural citizenship. Writing, collage and narration are the resources she most uses in the hybridisations she builds, including transmedia and pop-up elements. She likes to materialise them in blogs, artist's books and games. She has practical experience in cultural management, gender, curating literary content, university teaching, literary mediation, promoting reading, creative writing and gamification (the use of game elements in learning).

El Boga Residence

Stefanía and Adela's project, La casa, la plaza y el río, (The house, the square and the river), will explore voices of

women of Mompox. It will be developed with women from the territory, focusing especially on those who are storytellers or who are recognised in their communities for the oral richness of their context. Stefanía and Adela will hold meetings for creation (memory laboratories), plastic experimentation through the creation of an oracle of stories and a socialisation exercise with the community at the end of the experience.

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