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Yessica Chiquillo Vilardi

//Writer, educator

//June 2023

Photo: Jorge Alemán

Yessica is a writer, teacher, workshop leader and reading promoter. She wrote Libro de hallazgos (Animal Extinto, 2019), diary of a librarian. She obtained a Master's degree in Literary Studies from the National University of Colombia, with honourable mention for her thesis work ¿Qué argamasa los une?: poética de los cuentos de Hebe Uhart (What mortar unites them?: poetics of Hebe Uhart's short stories). In 2015 she obtained a bachellor in literary studies from the Universidad Javeriana.

She has worked as a lecturer at several universities since 2015. A tireless promoter of reading and writing, Yessica joined last year the National University of Colombia as an expert guest lecturer to teach the seminar on contemporary short narrative for the Master's degree in literary studies. During the same period, she was invited to join the network of local writing workshops in Bogotá - IDARTES.

Yessica is interested in contemporary Latin American narrative, the epistolary genre, journals, travel logs, essays and, in general, aesthetic proposals that cross genres. Other themes that interest her are mourning, memory, and the interdisciplinary dialogues that can be established between literature, the social sciences and the arts.

El Boga Residence

Under the title Río arriba, río abajo; el yuma trae yerbas, Yessica will carry out a research project of archive, art and memory on the curative uses of plants. She seeks to contribute to the recovery of the traditional and oral memory of the curative uses of plants in the Magdalena Medio region of Bolivar and Cesar. As a result of her residency, Yessica will give a talk, present an exhibition and proposes a series of workshops for the community.




Instagram: vilardi93

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