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Our arts residencies program is open to Colombian and foreign artists who seek to develop a project with the local residents of Mompox. Art residencies are open to any discipline of art or research (writers, visual artists, designers, musicians, anthropologists, cooks, filmmakers, producers, etc).

About Casa Taller El Boga

We are a non-profit foundation established in Mompox in July 2019. Our mission is to develop cultural activities that foster dialogue and add value to the local community and visitors. We promote cultural exchange, environmental sustainability, and the protection of the tangible and intangible heritage of Mompox. We promote exchanges and workshops and host artistic residents and guests interested in sustaining the Boga’s mission.

About Mompox

Mompox is a UNESCO world heritage site, it is a crossroads of stories, a forgotten and recovered place, an arm of the river that changed the destiny of Colombia. Mompox is a swamp, a river, it is glory, past and present, it is rhythm, bagpipes and pisingo birds. Mompox is jazz, Mompox is music. Mompox is six churches from the 16th century. Mompox has 50 thousand inhabitants, and a living tradition of goldsmithing, filigree, forging, carpentry, looms, and other trades.

Duration of residencies

From 1 to 3 months. Candidates indicate their ideal dates (within the period 2022-2023), and we will seek to form constellations of residents with similar interests and potential for interaction.


The selection of residents is made by the jury on the basis of the candidatures submitted. Residents are lodged in a colonial house with multiple spaces for interaction (living room, patio, pool, kitchen), all conducive to creativity. The residency promotes interaction between resident artists. Meetings and workshops with local artisans and connoisseurs, representatives of the arts and crafts of Mompox, are encouraged.


COP1.600.000 per month for Colombians

Euro420 per month for foreigners

Includes accommodation in a single room, use of common spaces in the house, weekly cleaning service.

2 fellowships for Colombian artists. If you’re interested in sponsoring a resident please contact us at


Liliana Andrade, Architect, museographer

Giovanni Vargas Luna, Artist

Juan David Correa Ulloa, Writer, editor

We are receiving candidatures for the year 2023

Proposals will be evaluated in the order in which they arrive.


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