Adriana Salazar

// May-June 2022

// May-June 2022

Adriana Salazar (Bogotá, 1980) is a Colombian artist, researcher and teacher who has lived in Mexico City for eight years. Her projects are built from an affective relationship with territories where the living and the inanimate are redefined, approaching them from the articulation between diverse knowledge, practices and communities of knowledge. Since 2015, her research processes have focused on the transformations and resistance movements (both human and non-human) related to the bodies of water in central Mexico. She holds a master's degree in Visual Arts from the Universidad Jorge Tadeo Lozano in Bogotá, a master's degree in Philosophy from the Universidad Javeriana in the same city, and a PhD in Arts and Design from the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM). She teaches on the Visual Arts programme at the Universidad Javeriana in Bogotá, is a workshop leader and cultural project advisor. She also writes books and other texts for artistic and academic publications.

El Boga Residency

Resonating with the problems of the territory I inhabit, my proposal seeks to locate points of encounter between situations that appear to be local, unique and specific to each territory, but that are in fact connected to phenomena that afflict distant lands: the course of the waters, both in central Mexico and in the Momposina depression, is changing rapidly. This project will reveal the traces of a continuum between the waters of these two regions, first tracing the traces of the devastation shared by both basins, and then (and more importantly) coming into contact with the spaces and practices of life that offer resistance.