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Estefanía Sáenz Medina

Film-maker// Host Resident

January- December 2023

Originally from Armenia, Quindío, Estefanía is an audiovisual producer, passionate film clubber, amateur photographer and foodie. She studied film at the Universidad Central de Bogotá and has focused her work experience on the creation of non-fiction audiovisual content and the production, development and realisation of creative proposals.

She has edited several short documentaries and content for social networks. In the last year, she created and directed two film clubs in Manizales, Caldas, with the aim of democratising cinema and offering alternative options to commercial screens. Highlights include the selection of her short film Como Extraños in the Eighth edition of the Psychoactive Short Film Festival Échele Cabeza and her participation in the Cultural Management Training Cycle focused on the ideation and creation of self-managed spaces, led by 'La Astilla en el Ojo' in the last semester 2022-2.


El Boga Art Residency:

Estefanía seeks to develop a collaborative project on the Interpretation of the momposino territory through oral and written riverside literature. Although the bibliography written by outsiders is very important for drawing up a historical-cultural-geographical map of the Momposino depression, priority will be given to the testimonies (oral and written) of the Momposino inhabitants.

Her objective is to explore the diverse trades, traditions, biodiversity and history of Mompox, told from the oral and written tradition of the momposinos in their daily life and bibliography.

This project will enjoy a transmedia narrative: audiovisual, sound, photographic, written and graphic, with the intention of constructing an immersive exhibition in homage to the oral and written literary tradition of the Mompox depression.

Resident Host 2023-1

During her time as Resident Host, she will mainly seek to learn from the people of Mompox and get to know their ancestral culture, in order to propose complementary cultural and educational activities aligned with their interests. In addition to this, she will be the liaison person for the artists in residence. Estefania believes in interdisciplinary art and collaborative creation.




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