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May 29 - Table Talk (in Spanish)

Meet the residents of Boga Mompox and their work around art, food and cooking.

They will answer questions such as:

What brought them to Mompox? What have you done during your stay in El Boga? How do we preserve and transmit traditional culinary knowledge? What is the relationship between politics and cooking? And what's the relationship between music and cooking?


Our first conversation "Conversations on the table" will present three researchers and artists, whose practice weaves relationships around art, food and cuisine.

Time & Duration:

1 hour and a half 5pm Colombian time


Lina Ruiz, cultural manager and promoter of the Micelio Cultural network.


- Silvana Kovalski, Resident.

- Cristian Torres, Resident

- María Fernanda Márquez associates as resident extra-muros

Silvana Kovalski Barrios, From Bogota is a student of anthropology and art at the Universidad de los Andes, an empirical cook, passionate about the anthropology of food and cuisines.

María Fernanda Márquez Miranda, From Bogota and of momposina origins from her grandmother, is an anthropologist from the Universidad Nacional. She is currently residing in the alley of Jolo Jolo (La Hoyo) in Mompox and developing her master's thesis on traditional momposina cuisine and drum music.

Cristian Torres Holguín, born in Medellín, studied audiovisual communication at the Politécnico Colombiano Jaime Isaza Cadavid. He initially worked as a photographer and reporter of cultural projects and processes in his city. His project Cocinando memorias (still) alive seeks the origin of certain recipes and their realization.


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