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Cristian Torres Holguín

/// Photographer

/// April-May 2021


Audiovisual Communicator (2011, Politécnico Colombiano Jaime Isaza Cadavid). He came to photography as a reporter of artistic and cultural processes and events in the city of Medellín. Then he became interested in social and documentary photography, documenting trips of collectives that form in audiovisual and community cinema. That is how he came to Isla Fuerte, as an audiovisual producer and then as a programmer and workshop leader of the International Film Festival on the Island (FECISLA), of which he was part during its first six versions. In Isla Fuerte he conducted photographic workshops and projects on the theme of crafts and island identity.

He is currently a photographer at the Moravia Cultural Development Center since 2016 where he also promotes photography as part of the processes of memory and communication for development and social change. Cristian has been a photography workshop leader with Comfenalco Antioquia since 2017.

El Boga Residence

Cristian proposes to make an inventory of traditional recipes (with focal population chosen by local institutions) of the region that are falling into disuse, and that, based on their collective importance, the social cohesion they can produce, their origins and histories, the ingredients required and the relevance or urgency in the current context, one or two recipes are selected to be elaborated by their traditional knowers and installed to be immortalized in a photo-bodegon.



Instagram: @cristian_nomada


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