María Fernanda Márquez Miranda


//Community Outreach since May 2022

María Fernanda Márquez Miranda (Mafe), is an anthropologist from the Universidad Nacional, with roots in Mompox. Mafe has a passion for the gastronomy and traditional music of Mompox, to which she dedicated her thesis El Conjuro de lo Sabroso. In addition to her people skills, her social commitment and her executive capacity, Mafe has a great talent for photography and creative writing. In 2021, she received two grants from the Ministry of Culture (Programa Nacional de Estímulos y Jóvenes en Movimiento), to carry out two projects in Mompox entitled Laboratorio Creativo de Músicas y Danzas de Chandé de Tierra Firme and Cápsulas Viajeras de los Nadie.

Mafe was already associated to El Boga from February to August 2021 and co-created with resident Silvana Kovalski the collective el.mafufo, a collective that seeks to "make more people fall in love with the gastronomy of Mompox and the cultural and environmental context that makes it possible".

María Fernanda is the liaison between the artistic residents of Boga and the community of Mompox. She helps residents to develop a rich cultural agenda for the community.

Instagram: mar.fernanda_