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Gracia Ramírez

//Researcher & writer

July-August 2023

Gracia Ramírez is a researcher and writer working as a lecturer in film studies at the University of the Arts London. Gracia is interested in the intersections between art, politics and history and has researched in archives and published writings on film and art criticism. She has developed projects on the cultural politics of film production, art and the city, and the representation of history in documentary newsreels. Gracia also has an artistic practice that mixes painting, serigraphy and collage.

El Boga Residency

The project "Mompox: Cinema, Memory and Place" seeks to recover the memory of the shooting of the film "Chronicle of a Death Foretold" (Francesco Rosi, 1987) in the city of Mompox. During her stay, Gracia will conduct oral history interviews and viewings of the film followed by conversations with the community of Mompox. These will form the basis of a paper that explores the relationship between present and past, reality and fiction with the film as a starting point.



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