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Manuela del Alma

//May 2024

//Poet & Cook

Manuela del Alma (1995) poet and cook from Bogotá. She studied literature at the Universidad de los Andes. Her explorations are informed by a pantheistic perspective and are nourished by contemplation and careful listening to the human and more-than-human world. In poetry she is interested in expanded writings and in cooking, which is not separate from her poetic practice, her main interest is the research and creation of wild and vegetable food. She has been a workshop leader in different scenarios in which she has worked on food sovereignty and the crossover between art and food. Her texts have been published in different magazines and she participated in the residency Cuando la naturaleza escribe (2022). She is currently finishing writing her poetry book Sangres Nido, which will be published by Lobo Blanco Editores.

El Boga Residency

Ese árbol de achiote también es mi madre (That annatto tree is also my mother) proposes to explore our kinship with the edible wild plants of Mompox through foraging, expanded poetry and cooking. Beyond gastronomic traditions, flavour and even biocultural aspects, is it possible to relate to the plants, fungi and animals we eat every day from an affective kinship? How would we cook if we perceived the ingredients as familiar? This laboratory, which will have several sessions, seeks to explore these questions and imagine different ways of relating to food.




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