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Jenny Contreras

//Artist, photographer, philosopher

//July -August 2021

Jenny Contreras is a visual artist, photographer and philosopher from the Universidad Nacional de Colombia in Bogotá. Her plastic and philosophical work revolves around investigating the meaning of landscape and place, the word, silence, vulnerability, fragility, otherness, but also precariousness, the limit, loneliness and the body at all levels; personal and social. In 2015 she travelled to Germany as the winner of the Academic Mobility Scholarship at the Cologne University of Art and Media DAAD (Küntshochschule für Medien Köln). During the academic exchange, she carried out her degree project, supported by the National Programme for Research, Creation and Innovation Seedbeds of the National University of Colombia 2013-2015. This project was subsequently presented at the Project Room of the Universidad de los Andes in February 2018. Some of her works have been in several group exhibitions. She has also worked as a teacher in formal and informal spaces, offering arts and reading workshops in schools and non-conventional spaces. She is currently a candidate for the Master's degree in Plastic, Electronic and Time Arts (MAPET) at the Universidad de los Andes thanks to the BEPS scholarship.

El Boga Residency

Her residency proposal entitled "Tranformare" is a bid to create a meeting and listening space for residents of Mompox to reflect, explore and demonstrate a mapping or visual cartography of stories and narratives about the territory, especially the branch of the Magdalena River, and how the change of the bodies of water is closely related to the human body. Thus, his proposal will delve into the sense of transformations or changes that people do not control in life, evident in the relationship with the territory.


Contact and links

Instagram: jennycontreras.a


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