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Roberta Marangon & Andrea Camatarri

//March 2023

//Roberta: Photographer, lawyer

//Andrea: Songwriter and singer, actor and storyteller

Roberta & Andrea

Roberta Marangon is a passionate Italian photographer committed to social causes. Her goal with art is to put it at the service of people and the community, both to support the growth of projects and as a storytelling tool.

Andrea Camatarri is an Italian singer-songwriter, actor and storyteller. In 2020 he created Kamahatma @kamahatma, a hybrid project of music, theatre and creative experimentation with several record releases and concerts.

El Boga Arts Residency

Under the title Folklore 2.0 - Collective Song, Andrea and Roberta seek to compose a collective and communal song through interviews and writing workshops with the people of Mompox.





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