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Søren Lyngbye & Hanne Melvej Lyngbye

//March-April 2023

//Søren: Artist Sculpture

//Hanne: Costumes designer for theatre and museums

Søren and Hanne are a Danish artist couple. Søren makes sculptures, scenographies and theatre. He has collaborated with artists from Mexico, Spain and many other countries in solo and group exhibitions in Denmark and abroad. His sculptures are made of ice, stone, iron, wood and water. Søren has conducted workshops with children and adults, some of them focusing on sustainability, global warming, contamination.

Hanne is a costume designer for museums and theatres. On her farm she offers workshops on historical costume production, corsets, and textile recycling. Hanne is an expert in the production and reproduction of historically authentic costumes.

El Boga Residence

Søren will give talks on multi-art projects, earth art, ice sculptures and installations based on sustainable energy, wind, water and sun. He has the project of making a sculpture with local people inspired by the exuberance of the flora and fauna of the region. The sculpture will be made with products from nature, guadua, palm leaves, sisal rope, glue, paper and paint.

Hanne will work with the decoupage technique and wants to hold workshops with women to teach them this art. She also wishes to learn from the local artisans how to make filigree.




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