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Vanina Rodríguez

//Teacher visual arts and artist

//August 2023

Vanina is a visual arts teacher and artist, trained at the Instituto de Formación Docente ESEA en Artes Visuales Manuel Belgrano in Buenos Aires. She took theatre classes in different disciplines such as clown, improvisation and dramaturgy. She has pursued her artistic interest in sculpture, and especially in ceramics. She is interested in finding a relationship between visual arts and theatre in order to merge these areas. She carried out an investigation with masks working with different materials that allowed her to rethink the function of the social mask as a regulator through socialization and performance.

El Boga Residency

During her residency, Vanina wants to work on ceramic sculptural jewellery with the images that the landscape and culture of Mompox offer her, appropriating figures through photography to revalue certain objects of nature such as clay, which is re-signified and transformed into jewellery or ornaments. She seeks to focus on a transversal theme such as animism, and recover ceramics as a form of production within the arts and crafts.








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