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Amalia Uribe Guardiola


//May-June 2023

Amalia is a Colombian anthropologist, photographer, feminist and embroiderer. She considers herself radically transdisciplinary and is interested in the intersections between textiles, materialities, oral history and ageing. She studied Anthropology at the Universidad de los Andes with academic options in Literary Creation; Gender and Sexuality; and Photography. Activist against gender violence in universities, she has experience in writing and editing texts, image construction and ethnography.

El Boga Residency: Mecer, mecer, mecer (Rock, Rock, Rock)

During her residency, she will research and record the history, making and life of rocking chairs in Mompox. He wants to work with the artisans behind the craft, as well as to find and recreate the stories behind these chairs... their times, uses and affections.



Instagram: @amarilla.9


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