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Catalina Arango Palacio

/// Art & Wellbeing

/// February 2022


Visual artist, communicator and Master in cultural management. Catalina draws inspiration from her own emotions, nature and artistic expressions such as dance and literature to create organic paintings that express rhythms, cadences, movements and cycles. She explores concepts such as life, death and inner time in relation to universal organic time, and in contrast to the time of the contemporary world, dictated by mechanics and productivity. Each of her works is an invitation to create a connection with our organic essence, with the natural and universal rhythm of our body and mind. Her works have been exhibited in La Casa Centro Cultural de Medellín and in the exhibition hall of the Itagüí station of the Medellín Metro. She has also participated with some of her works in galleries such as and Espacio Cinco 33.


Residency at El Boga

The project "Mompox: the intimacy of forms", seeks to identify the rhythms, colours, movements and cycles of Mompox, through its nature, its human relations and its artistic and cultural manifestations.



Tel. 304 331 0653

IG: cataarangop


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