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Elizabeth Rojas Mora

Grant holder 2023-Second semester

//Plastic artist, cultural manager

//August-September 2023

Elizabeth studies Visual and Plastic Arts at the Universidad Pedagógica y Tecnológica de Colombia. She has been working in the management of artistic and cultural processes since 2019 and won in 2022 the call "Leer para crear: Memorias de mujeres en la Guerra" (Reading to create: Memories of women in war) of the National Centre of Historical Memory. She is currently the coordinator of the cultural centre Huellas Cultural. Elizabeth is Municipal Councillor for Youth in Tunja. Her creations seek to construct new discourses on the body and identity.

Residency at El Boga

During her residency at El Boga, Elizabeth will develop the project "Tunja - Mompox: An Exchange of Hidden Treasures" which seeks to compile old photographs of the cities of Mompox and Tunja and intervene them artistically using transfer, engraving, painting and embroidery techniques. Her aim is to create a travelling exhibition that highlights the history and visual heritage of both cities. This exhibition will be presented in

Mompox and in Tunja, allowing a visual dialogue between the two colonial cities and highlighting the participation of the communities in the whole process.




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