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Gina Bello

//Visual Artist

//May 2022

Gina Bello is a visual artist based in Barranquilla, graduated from the Visual Arts programme at the Universidad Javeriana in Bogotá in 2018. Her work is intertwined between cultural management by opening exhibition spaces or workshops for emerging artists and her plastic production in the city and its dynamics between privatisation and public space.

El Boga Residency

In the residency I will continue my research on the Magdalena River, its history and its absence in the urban memory of the city of Barranquilla, I want to get to know an amphibious city together with its inhabitants, to get to know the territory colonised and stagnant in time due to its remoteness. My general objective is to continue with these processes in collage, photography and video, thinking of the river as an apparently silent being crossing a landscape full of historical symbolism, often violent, together with the community of Mompox, with a series of workshops to exchange perspectives on the river.




Instagram: @flamingo.neutral


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