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Gregorio Uribe

/// Musician

/// Sign language percussion workshop for the Momposino community

/// June -July 2021


Gregorio Uribe is a singer-songwriter, accordionist and big band director dedicated to blending Colombian rhythms with other sensibilities in search of a sound that is unique to him. He has collaborated with Rubén Blades, Carlos Vives and Paquito D'Rivera and has taken his music to Carnegie Hall and Madison Square.

El Boga Residency

In his residency, Gregorio will teach the sign percussion method to a group of musicians from the region. In the theoretical part, he will explain the signs used and basic instruction in music theory with a focus on rhythm. In a second part, this knowledge will be put into practice on percussion instruments of any kind; be they traditional drums, instruments made from recyclable materials or other non-melodic percussions. Two key principles will be encouraged: the incorporation of indigenous rhythms into the group's repertoire (such as the tambora, the berroche, the chandé and the guacherna) and the research, expansion and integration of rhythms from other parts of the world.




Gregorio will be accompanied by his partner Solange Prat.

Solange is an Argentine singer-songwriter with experience as a jazz, soul and R&B vocalist. In New York, she distinguished herself as the voice of the Williamsburg Salsa Orchestra with whom she released two albums. In 2021 she released her solo album "LOOP" featuring Kevin Johansen and Jorge Glem.


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