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Jean Bernier Sabogal

Grant holder 2023-Second semester

//Artist, space creator, wood craftsman

//December 2023

Jean is an artist, space designer and wood craftsman. His work focuses on crafts and the effects of light. He experiments with primary materials (wood, metal, ceramics and glass) to generate moments of encounter and interrogation of the contemporary landscape. His current concern has to do with ecosystemic relationships (between individuals of the same species and individuals of other species) and the effects they have on our environments.

El Boga Residence

Under the name Relict Action, Jean will lead a series of joint creation workshops with the aim of re-generating biomaterials from the debris of woodworking processes from the area, product of the trade. These workshops will be developed with communities peripheral to the sector and with the carpenters' and woodworkers' guilds to create experimental furniture, utilitarian objects and urban equipment.




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