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Ricardo Caicedo

Social Communicator/Magister of Cultural Studies/Photographer

//August 2022

Social Communicator and Master in Cultural Studies from the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Bogotá. For 20 years, Ricardo was a cultural manager and professor at the Javeriana University in Cali. From there he carried out various activities associated with cultural agendas and the development of photography. He created the National Photography Meeting of ASCUN Cultura (Colombian Association of Universities) which is held annually.

For the last four years, and after being diagnosed with cancer, Ricardo developed the photography project "Pitchfotos", which, based on Visual Studies, has explored the nude male body of young men from various parts of the country, as a reflection on stereotypes of beauty, non-hegemonic masculinities, the cleansing of culture, queer ecology, among other themes.

El Boga Residence

Under the title Hombres In.Visibles, Ricardo will use photography as a medium to present a reflection on the role of men in everyday power relations, as an inheritance of patriarchal, macho and andro-centric structures. Ricardo will offer photography workshops on cellphone.



Instagram: @iconopitch



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