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Sibel Koschinski

Visual artist Sibel Koschinski (Ravensburg, 1998) has spent the last three years travelling the world in search of inspiration, reflecting cultures and encounters in her works.

In her creative process, Sibel perceives the feelings of the people around her and expresses them in portraits, using analogue techniques. 2019 has been an important year for the artistic process of this young German artist. After a long tour through countries such as Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and Sri Lanka, she returned home and took part in the exhibition Kunstnacht Ravensburg at the Kapuziner Kreativzentrum.

El Boga Residency October-November 2019

Sibel worked and experimented with colour collecting and expanding her practice by using materials such as seeds, leaves, and nutshells from the surroundings. She visited a small local artisan community (Chimichagua, State of Cesar, Colombia) that works in an ancestry tradition using natural colours to dye palm leaves, which are then woven into fabrics. Sibel held workshops with children from the local primary school. She taught them how to process the material they had collected to make their own paint.


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