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Susana Guauque

//Culinary heritage

//April-May 2022

I am a descendant of peasants who tilled the land, forged crops and harvests in the territory of Boyaca. My childhood took place between the garden and the work of the kitchen in the old style. My education developed between school, college, university and the work of the countryside until today, between crops and animals as part of the economic development of the family. My academic, work and research inclinations are based on cultural tradition and food sovereignty, a knowledge that allows the sustainable management and conservation of the natural and cultural heritage of the territories. Co-founder of TUTUABA Organismo en Movimiento (TUTUABA: Organism in Movement), a group that develops processes of investigative participation regarding traditional knowledge and trades related to popular cuisine in different territories.

El Boga Residence

Through a particular journey to Mompox, the artistic project will be developed: Chewing corn in a Colombian territory, which seeks to recognise corn as a cultural and political food in Mompox, in times of ultra-processed food. The meeting and active participation with the inhabitants who know about corn will allow encounters of oral transmission with peasant families, their traditional knowledge, the natural language from the seed to popular preparations that adorn the served table, for the recognition, enlightenment and cultural exchange between Colombian regions.





Instagram: tutuaba_organismoenmovimiento

Facebook: @conzumotutuaba


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